Women Empowerment and Human Resource Development Center of India

Community Development Centers

The natives’ institutions!

Research programs

Customs subjected to rethink.

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

The Evidence and outcome of our struggles. Real-life Success Stories.

Livelihood Development

Innovative avenues for poverty reduction.

Stress Free Education

We strive to Practice what we preach, through “Education”. “The urge to learn is always alive. Learning becomes a Constant, where the urge to spread Learning through Wisdom and true Knowledge is abound.”

Home for Women in Difficult Situation

The organization plans to mobilize the required financial input for the project, from like-minded and enthusiastic public.


The Organisation

Women Empowerment and Human Resource Development Center of India (WHI), is an NGO registered under the Travancore-Cochin Scientific Cultural and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955. The orgaisation has its head office at Trivandrum, and five community development centres spread across three districts.

Our Vision

“A bird cannot fly if one of its wings is weaker than the other. Likewise, a nation cannot forge ahead if one of the sections of its population is discriminated against.” Half of its population being women, the Socio-economic development of a nation is impossible, without animating and empowering its Female community! WHI dreams, of building a woman-empowered Society which will enable women to contribute as equally as men, in the socio-economic development of the nation.